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The Sleepy Collection
Vandorff Studios - Baby Kimono

Vandorff Studios - Baby Kimono

699 SEK
The Sleepy Collection in a Design Collaboration with Vandorff Studios.
A collection where each piece is hand dyed with the power of nature without chemicals. All garments are numbered as a piece of art and hand dyed with blueberries.

Ideal for warm summer nights, the Kimono Baby Sleepsuit is a lighter sleepsuit featured with mid-short legs and sleeves to keep the baby cool. Two snaps at the crotch help to ease diaper changes and could be left opened for even more ventilation.

White snaps, except for the third snap which is brown. All of them nickel free. No itching labels.

The Kimono Baby Sleepsuit comes in four different sizes for those aged between newborn -12 months.

Size Guide:

1-3 months: 56 cm
3-6 months: 62/68 cm
6-9 months: 74/80 cm
9-12 months: 80/86 cm

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